We are a "Mom & Pop" Comic Shop!  Family owned & operated!  We love comics and we love gaming!  We carry a wide variety of New Release Comic Books, Back Issues, Graphic Novels, Action Figures, Statues/Busts, Board Games, TCGs, Comic Collecting Supplies, TCG Supplies, etc.  If we don't have what you're looking for just let us know & we'll do our best to get it in for you!

We also host a wide range of table-top games!  From Heroclix to Warhammer 40K to Pokemon to Dungeons & Dragons we almost always have something going on in the game room!  Check our  event page for the gaming schedule!

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* You CAN be added to our mailing list (please note if you'd like to opt in).  We are working to send out weekly emails with updates, final order lists, etc.
*You must have at least 5 titles to open a pull box.
* If you prefer certain covers (cover A or B, etc.) please note this on your list.  If not specified we will assume any cover is fine.
* If you need more than one issue of a title please note on your list.
* If you would like your books bagged & boarded please note on your list.  (There is a charge for the bags & boards.)
* You can use the form below, call us, send us a FB message or let us know while in the shop any changes you would like to make.
* We prefer that you pick your books up weekly but we ask that you empty your Pull Box at least once a month.
* We reserve the right to return books to the shelf if we do not hear from you within a 2 weeks period.  We will, of course try to call and/or e-mail before doing this.  We understand extenuating circumstances can happen but you must let us know, otherwise we will assume that you just do not wish to continue your list.
* We will pull exactly what you ask for on your Pull List, this is what we are expecting you to purchase.  Please do not return these items to the shelf.